ROCA Partners is a Los Angeles-based private equity investment firm focused on providing consumer services companies with flexible capital and operational resources to accelerate growth.


Consumer Services Focus

We invest in consumer services companies across the following industries: Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media, Restaurants, Retail, Technology, and Travel & Leisure. We are thematic investors who have done extensive research on consumer trends and leverage our research to identify companies that benefit from these trends.

Strategic Partners

We partner with entrepreneurial management teams who are committed to delivering compelling value to their customers as demonstrated by high customer advocacy. We bring extensive experience as investors and operators and and a data-driven analytical approach to accelerate growth of our partner companies.

Flexible Capital

We work alongside management and existing shareholders to develop investment structures to achieve their objectives and best position companies for growth. We invest in both control and non-control situations across a range of transaction types, including growth equity, low leverage buyout, and structured equity or debt investments.

Differentiated Approach

We employ a data-driven analytical approach to evaluating and partnering with investment opportunities focused on Customer IRR™, which is the unlevered rate of return on customer acquisition spend. We work with our partner companies to develop strategies to optimize their Customer IRR™ profile.